• The Widely Trouser in Poly Silk


    The Widely Wide Leg Trouser, is an attention-grabbing statement look. A glam-rocking-disco alternative. High-waisted, flowing fabric with oversized pleating. “You should be dancing, yeeeeah”.

    Works with: Boxtee – Floral, Waterfall Cam – Sequin and Frilly Ghost

    I’m All White with a technical Poly-Silk

    Sourced in the most conscious way, poly-silk is a modern, technical version of polyester. Not for single-use, this chemically resistant and vastly durable fabric is your best friend for life. Light like satin with just as much sheen. It is polished, drapey and un-crease-able.

    Hand wash Only

    Made to Order

  • The Smoker Trousers in Cotton Drill


    The Smoker Trousers are smoking hot! A modern up-date on a classic cigarette pant, and the perfect tailored partner to the Lux-Tux. They’re practical, comfortable, seductive, addictive; quitting in tough.

    Works with: Cam, Lux-Tux and Bib

    Cotton Drill is All White to me

    Built to stand the test of time, cotton drill is hardwearing and designed to be worn and worn again and again. It gains strength and durability from a strong diagonal strand appearance, often seen in denim. It has texture and assembly. It is tactile against the skin, structured and unified in its brightness.

    Machine washable

    Made to Order