• The Lux-Tux Jacket in Cotton Drill


    The Luxe-Tux is a re-worked classic. Free in spirit and gender. Tailored with smooth shawl lapels and flattering stitched darts. Androgynously dress-up with matching cigarette pants ‘The Smoker’ or dress-down over something more girly, give Lux-Tux the cold shoulder every time.

    Works with: Smoker, Cam Poly-Silk and Bib

    Cotton Drill is All White to me

    Built to stand the test of time, cotton drill is hardwearing and designed to be worn and worn again and again. It gains strength and durability from a strong diagonal strand appearance, often seen in denim. It has texture and assembly. It is tactile against the skin, structured and unified in its brightness.

    Machine washable

    Made to Order

  • The Beautiful Biker Jacket in Giant Floral


    The Beautiful Biker is a rebel with a cause. Celebrating sharp crisp lines, neat cropped proportions and it’s ‘loaded-with-detail’ approach. “Hot tramp, we love you so” and will wear with everything!

    All White, All White, Giant Floral is limited edition

    Good things come in giant packages. Big, bold and beautiful, giant floral fabric is an intricately woven web with brushed fiber finishing. The petals have a crisp bias woven texture, surrounded by oversized embroidered edges. It is firm, proud with attention-grabbing natural movement.

    Dry clean only

    Made to Order

    Works with: Nighty Night – Poly-silk, Frilly Ghost and Shifty – Spotty

  • The Bomber Jacket in Linen


    The Bomber, add the jacket and add instant cool. Featuring ribbed trims that uniquely accentuate its loose cocoon-like tomboy fit; it goes everywhere and goes over everything.

    Works with: Nighty Night – Linen, Full-On – Linen and Cam – Poly-Silk

    Linen is much more than All White

    Linen is technically a vegetable (fact!) it’s made from the fibers that grow inside flax, one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. Compared to cotton, flax is less resource hungry and uses far less water to grow. It is biodegradable. It is soft against the skin, robust and breathable, perfect for keeping cool, when the heat is on.

    Machine washable

    Made to Order